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If you clicked on this page - Mazel Tov!  You're just about to step on the narrow path...

What can we agree on?  That there is One God: Deuteronomy 6:4, Mark 12:29-34. One Messiah, 1 Corinthians 8:6. One Scripture, John 17:17. One King,  Isaiah 9:6, John 12:15. One everlasting life, Psalms 39:1-7. Can we also agree on Malachi 3:6 - I Am the LORD God I change not....   How about John 10:30 - I and My Father are One...

The law was done away with... What law - ask yourself.  All laws? O then we can steal...1 law, 2 laws? And what is law? The Torah one says. Actually, the word Torah means God's teaching and instruction. The early translators transliterated the Hebrew word for Torah into law all across the board.  Messiah, Yeshua did away with the law of sin and death, not the Torah - God's (His) teaching and instruction. Romans 8:2.

Are we under the law? We all have a choice, so are  we really under? And if one wants to say we are under something - are we obeying something? Is it wrong to obey God? If you ask your child to meet with you on Tuesday and he tells you, 'Nope. I don't have to do that. My teacher says that I don't have to obey you - your laws are done away with. I'll meet you on my time, Wednesday.'  Ouch!  1 Samuel 15:22.

Is the Sabbath just for the Jewish people? Then is creation just for the Jewish people? Was Sunday ever blessed? Sanctified? Made Holy?  (Constatine tried, March 7 321 AD). So if you are 'under Sunday' you are under Catholic law. If you are observing Shabbat - you are under God. 

Old Testament stuff done away with? Then why would Yeshua quote Deuteronomy three times when He is tempted by HaSatan? Mark 4. Why wouldn't He just say to HaSatan - I am free in Myself, now quit bugging me.  What about Passover? Is that done away with? Think about it.

Is grace really just for Christians in the New Testament? Grace is chesed in Hebrew, often translated as favor or loving kindness. Elohim is grace. Psalms 36:7.

Paul worshiped on Sunday.  Really! He was a Hebrew of Hebrews. Would he change the Ten Commandments? Or did he keep the Shabbat. In just the book of Acts the Disciples kept the Sabbath 85 times.

God is love, truly. And He loves us enough to give us grace. We are His children and He gave us an instruction book to make our lives more peaceful. We can truly live out a redemptive life. We can return to Him - wholly. 

May you be blessed as you study His Word.