Welcome to Simchat HaMashiach Beit Emunah, Joy in the Messiah House of Faith.  Please join Rabbi Jay Howard, Rabbi Darrell Robertson and the entire congregation as we celebrate the Good News, the Besorah of Yeshua Messiah and the Restoration of the whole House of Israel coming together as one. One Kingdom, One Savior, One Torah, One House, One God. Teachings include embracing and living in God's Kingdom instead of a religion, applying the Torah to our lives today through the spirit of Yeshua and the character change that will set us in motion as we enter into our next season. ‘The joy of the LORD is my strength…’ Nehemiah 8:10.  We reach out to all generations through teachings, praise music, dance and great fellowship. The Torah, God's teaching and instruction, gives us a lifestyle where we will live life redeemed for the glory of God.…Rabbi Jay Howard                                                                                         

Pray for the peace of Israel

2024   The Fall Feasts of Adonai

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