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Blessings & Curses and the Mikvah

     In the Scriptures there are many references and parallels to water, clean, living, fountains, pouring and life.  They seem to be synonymous.  Yeshua is the Living Water, and it is through Him that we gain our righteousness.
     The Mikveh / Repentance service is a change of status for us.  It does not make us righteous or gives us salvation, it simply gives us a status change.  When Na'aman was plagued with leposry, he was told to dip in the Jordan seven times, he changed his status through his obedience and check of character. 
     "Who may go up to the mountains of Adonai? Who can stand in His Holy Place? Those with clean hands and a pure heart."  Psalms 24:4
     Through the Mikveh process at our congregation, we go into the generations of our lives that have given us the status where we are today.  We discover generational curses and blessings, illness and joys and the character traits that either plague us and bring us illness or the soul traits that define us through the joy of Yeshua. 
     There are reasons for poverty, cancer, divorce, anger, fear, etc.  There are positve traits that can negate the negative ones.  And there are answers for our questions:  'Why am I like this?' 
     There are doors that open curses and there are prayers and knowledge that will devour them.  There are root problems that cause us anger, such as jealousy or envy.  There is illness and poverty associated with pornography and there is a way out. 
    Often character traits or soul traits are the windows or gates to the physical that we experience.  When we work on the inner soul of our beigns, we work on ourselves.  We open the closed heart, we circumcise the uncircumcised heart.
     Join us monthly for our Mikveh/Repentance Service - workbook available.

For information on our mikveh service: Mikvah