God is good!


Our first Sabbath in the new building was May 10, 2014.  Praise YHWH for His graciousness and mercy!

 A brief history: 
The beginning: 1996

We began a small Torah study class as a home worship group. Outgrowing the homes, we moved to the cafeteria of the original Bayfield Eementary School. Within a short time, Jay Howard was ordained as a Pastor.  It wasn't long that we outgrew the space of the school.  The Lord directed our synagogue/congregation to a church in Durango, CO, that we began renting in February 2009.  In June of 2013 Pastor Jay was ordained as a Rabbi by Moshe Ozery from Israel and at the same time our lease was up. We looked and looked for a large enough building, but space was sparse in the Durango/Bayfield area. In December, Adonai directed us to a building in Bayfield Colorado that we knew was empty but thought it was too grand. Back in the day, it was a brewery/restaurant, but had been vacant for many years.  It was spacious, over 10,000 sq. feet and God delivered us to that building and to a new season. The day we went to look at the space, we knew it would work. It took vision to imagine the result, and many of us had it. 

It took until May 2014 to update and renovate the building. It was a tremendous amount of hard work, and lots of planning. There were a lot of improvments to be done to turn a brewery into a synagogueand the building department made sure we didn't miss a thing! During that time we worshiped in the Bayfield Senior Center for about six months, packing all our belongings in and packing all our belongings out at the end of every Sabbath - and all the while growing! May of 2014 was our first official Shabbat in the building!  What a glorious day! In August of 2016 we were told that other renters wanted to buy the building, at which point we would have to vacate. But God showed us great favor and delivered the building to us! We purchased the entire building - thank you Adonai - and in January of 2017 headed for Israel to pick up our Torah Scroll! 

We had an ordination for the Torah Scroll in February of 2017 with Moshe Ozery leading the procession. It wasn't long until the beauty and truth of God's Word written on that beautiful Torah Scroll began to remove from the fellowship any and all Jezebel spirits. It was and is a beautiful thing! We were told by Moshe Ozery that the Torah is alive - and yes it certainly is!

We thank The Creator of All, Blessed be He, for His mercy and grace in bringing us a place to worship Him, on His appointed times - without hesitation or being told 'no'.  It is an honor to serve The Living God Yeshua.

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